Living by Truth or Propaganda?

“The fate of men and nations is determined by the values which govern their decisions”
~ Lucis Trust

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

~ George Orwell (1903-1950)
English novelist and journalist

The love of truth is a skill of authentic living for individuals – and governments. Since the only thing which exists is the present moment, the Now, what else could truth be other than what is? What is trumps all preferences that it be otherwise. Individuals and governments which navigate by misrepresentation may find themselves foundering on the rocks of hard truth.

So let’s consider the misinformation which government propagates through the six corporations which control 90% of the mainstream media outlets (Source: Six Corporations). Do misrepresentations about “the Great Recession” (which others label the “Greater Depression”) serve your well-being?.

On May 3, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the April jobs report. Seemingly every mainstream media outlet including National Public Radio trumpeted joyously, “165,000 jobs were created in April, exceeding expeciations and proving the resiliencey of the American economy and the strengthening of the ongoing recovery. The unemployment rate went down to 7.5%.”

Really? Let’s take a deeper look. The day before on May 2, the Department of Labor reported that in April, 324,000 persons filed initial unemployment claims (Source: D.O.L. press release). Let’s see, 165,000 jobs created and 324,000 jobs lost = an April job loss of 159,000 jobs.

Of the 165,000 jobs that were created according to the BLS, 193,000 jobs (that’s not a misprint) were derived from a BLS computer model which guessed how many jobs might have been created (Source: BLS Birth/Death Model). Without those computer-created-out-of-thin-air jobs, in fact 28,000 jobs may have been lost. -159,000 + -28,000 = a possible April loss of 187,000 jobs.

If we look deeper than headlines into the BLS jobs report, we discover that the reduction in Average Weekly Hours was equal to a loss of 500,000 jobs. (Source: Average Weekly Hours). -187,000 + -500,000 = a possible April loss equivalent to -687,000 jobs.

As for the BLS report that the unemployment rate has lowered to 7.5%, that’s true, but for the wrong reasons. When an individual gives up looking for work or loses his/her unemployment benefits because they have expired, that person no longer is thought to be unemployed (Source: Labor Force Participation).

The BLS jobs report was so ludicrous that a former assistant treasury secretary described it as being “unbelievable” (Source: Assistant Treasury Secretary – Unbelievable).

In mid-March 11 of 13 economic activity indicators were negative (Source: Bursting the Permabullish Bubble). This is does not reflect an economic recovery.

Granted things may have improved in the intervening month and a half, but on May 3rd, the same day the BLS jobs report was issued, the mainstream media may have overlooked informing you that the government also announced two more misses in economic activity (Source: Non-Manufacturing ISM and Factory Orders Miss).

Of course, the government is not trying to intentionally hurt the populace with its propaganda. Instead its premise is that a lie told often enough will be believed by the people. If, for example, the people believe the economy is improving, then they will act as if it were, and this will create a recovery. Is it working?

Said otherwise, the government believes it is better to lie to the populace rather than let them govern their own lives according to the truth, what is.

I have debated with myself whether or not to write this post. I chose to do so for several reasons. Most importantly, I am a lover of truth. If in reading the above, you are encouraged to think for yourself and look for the truth other than in government reports and the mainstream media, then I have served you well.

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