Treading The Path - Living in Process

It is through his understanding of the word “process” that the disciple discovers the true meaning of the occult statement that “before a man can tread the path he must become that Path himself.”

~ Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949),
American esotericist,
in The Rays and the Initiations


A teenager recently upturned my self-image when she called me, “Old Man.” Yet I have been called many things, including infant, teenager, young adult, and middle-aged. Millions of thoughts have excited my brain. Tens of thousands of feelings have rippled through my body. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches which have passed through my awareness are innumerable.

My identities have included student, volunteer, lover, friend, husband, entrepreneur, writer, consultant, fellow seeker, counselor, grandfather, etc. My interests have spanned cutting class to general systems theory to classical music. My prized possessions have been as varied as a threadbare panda finger puppet at age four, a ’66 Pontiac LeMans at age twenty, and now at sixty-one my health.

I am no different than you. I am a process. I am the Unfolding. I cannot help it. Instant by instant my life unfolds into new experiencing. This unfolding doesn’t stop.

Of course this process that I am is a psycho-spiritual process that unfolds psychological and spiritual meaning and significances of hopefully increasing depth and subtlety. I consciously enter “The Path” when It when I take my place as a conscious human being, and I intentionally engage the process, and I inquire into my Unfolding experiencing. Then, I am a disciple of Life, of Being.

Where is this unfolding going? I really don’t know. Sometimes I comfort myself by cloaking my not knowing with the seeming certitude of plans. Yet the truth is I walk through life like someone walking amid the pristine sands of a desert. Before me there is just windswept sand. Behind me my footsteps reveal a path which has led me directly to where I stand, here, now, this very instant. No matter which way I step forth, I cannot leave my Path. There isn’t a path before me to find. I am the Path.

Some persons search for a spiritual path like searching for a hidden Easter egg hidden from view, but the seeking really is the sought. Others seek the Path as something to do. Love calls some to serve. Others may be pricked by the implacable discontent of spiritual ambition inspired by luminaries like Mother Teresa. In its living, every way will reveal itself as a path. Yet impeccably living the givenness of our daily lives is spiritual enough.

Do you consider yourself something static, fixed, like a noun? Or dynamic, changing, like a verb? What does the spiritual path mean to you? Where do you expect to find it?


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