It’s Okay for You to Be You

 You are not simply different from others. Rather you are a unique expression of Being. As the stem brings forth the blossom, so Life brings forth your individuality. Yet too often you and I shirk the responsibility of being nothing more or less than ourselves.

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Personal Boundaries and Authenticity

In my work as a counselor, I sometimes meet persons who are confused about personal boundaries. Poorly defined personal boundaries make our lives unnecessarily difficult, and they thwart our authentic expression. Given that having defined, yet flexible boundaries is a skill of personal authenticity, it warrants that we take a closer look at boundaries.

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Being Asked to Be More YourSelf

“Nothing good comes from Nazareth,” was a common saying 2,000 years ago in Judea. Contemplatives with an esoteric interpretation of those distant events sometimes interpret that saying as the belittling expectation that nothing good can come from ourselves. Yet history and others suggest otherwise.

That we expect little of ourselves results naturally from our upbringing, for it consists of so much outward turning to others for direction and instruction. We are born helpless. Our survival initially depends upon the mercies of our parents. Perforce we obey our parents instruction. From our parents, we are given over to schooling which socializes our young animals in how to act, feel, think, believe, and be. Moreover an instinct to find safety in the company of the herd encourages conformity.

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Everybody’s Black Swan

In the psychological thriller movie, Black Swan, Natalie Portman gives a tour de force performance as a shy, prim and proper ballerina who tries very hard to be perfect as she prepares for her role as Swan Queen in Tchailovsky’s Swan Lake ballet.

There’s only one problem. She’s human. The black swan of her repressed ambition, jealousy, passion, and rage undoes her.

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Personal Authenticity Expresses as Wholeness, Not Goodness

Theme of the following quotations: Authentic presence expresses itself as psychological wholeness. Other paths might presume to achieve a gilded image of personal perfection made possible by the repression “unworthy” or “unspiritual” parts of ourselves. But nothing is thereby redeemed. The practice of wholeness reintegrates, allows for transformation, and expresses unconditional love to ALL parts of ourselves.

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