Killing Your Spiritual Teachers

 If we listen to our lives more deeply than the materialism which threatens to deafen our souls, perhaps we can hear life beckoning us to come to terms with very important questions. If you answer parroting the teaching of others, authenticity requires that you kill the authority of your mentors and teachers so that you may know the Mystery personally, in you and through you.

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Taking Responsibility for What We Don’t Know

“I don’t know.”

That’s a statement we hear too little of these days. It seems we would expound about spiritual issues with which we have no personal experience, rather than take responsibility for what we do not know to be true, and stand in the nakedness of our not knowing. Not knowing seems a deficiency of the personality, rather than a simple fact.

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Being a Knower Rather than a Believer

Currently about 300,000 persons die each day, the vast majority having built their lives on beliefs which never were personally verified. Some believed in reincarnation; others believed in life eternal in heaven or hell. Still others believed that death brings extinction. Hundreds of millions believe in the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Lao Tze, Krishna, Muhammad, Zoroaster, etc….

Most believers take to their graves beliefs which simply resulted from the accidents of their births. They took on the beliefs taught them by the families and societies into which they were born. Were you born to Hindu parents? Then most likely, you were taught to believe in Krishna. If you had left the womb in Saudi Arabia, then most likely you would have been raised a Muslim. But is an accident of birth a rationale upon which to develop an authentic life?

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The Authority of Your Own Personal Experience

All of us are swimming within the mystery of existence which is littered with the flotsam of differing opinions about the nature and purpose of life. To which do you cling to for solace, support, or guidance? Why? The opinions are diverse and contradictory. Some teachers affirm that there’s eternal life after death. Others instruct to live this life with gusto, for it’s the only one you have. Others warn you’ll be reborn maybe as a cockroach, if you don’t watch your step. Some thump holy books, pointing to this or that verse for the authority of their venom. Some assert there’s a deeper nature. Laughing out loud, others reply, “Are you kidding!? The person with the most toys wins.”

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The Angel and the Seekers

Here is a fable I wrote which was published in the East-West Journal in 1975. I feel it appropriate to again publish it through this authenticity blog, given that the tale addresses the seemingly misdirected spiritual striving which still is rampant. We don’t need more “ascended masters”. We need descended masters! Enjoy…..

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