Your Personal Life is Not Expendable

If you’re lucky enough to have a job nowadays, quite likely you’re unlucky enough to be expected to work overtime at the cost of not having a personal life. The presumption of business to treat you as an economic object, not a person, simply reflects how our upside-down society dehumanizes the person.

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Authenticity and Intentional Suffering

Reactive emotions such as anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, etc. reject the unfolding of the present moment as it is. Implicitly these feelings react to difficult people and situations with a resounding “No!”. How can transform emotional reactivity into authentic presence? One practice is conscious or intentional suffering.

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Envy and Your Honeycomb

Have you ever walked through an upscale neighborhood with fancy cars parked in the driveways, and found yourself wishing that you could live like them? “They’ve got it made,” you might think to yourself as you walk back to your one-room apartment.

Or maybe you resent the good fortune of a friend. Perhaps he will be taking a trip around the world, while you are stuck in your dead-end job which you can’t quit, because you must pay down your credit cards. Or maybe you covet someone’s job, looks, or relationship.

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The Courage to Doubt Our Religious Beliefs

What can we really know with certainty about the mysteries of existence? Yet somewhere on the planet today, like too many days before us, because of his or her religious convictions an adherent of one god will bludgeon to death an adherent of another god. But let’s put this religious certainty into perspective.

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Feeding Your Four Mouths

We humans walk around deaf, dumb, and blind to a secret of human anatomy. You might think that the great minds of modern science would have discovered it, but no! So, I’ll bust the secret open.

Contrary to popular opinion, you have four mouths, not one! Four!

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