Awaken from Your Spell

“… Making the full growth of oneself and of one’s fellow beings the supreme goal of living.”

~ Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965),
German theologian, musician, philosopher, humanitarian,
concerning his definition of humanism

Fairy tales of old tell of witches and sorcerers who cast spells upon hapless victims. Some victims were left to remain spellbound for the rest of their lives. Others sometimes were liberated by the intervention of a hero or heroine.

Spell casting, however, is not limited to fairy tales. Magical spells seemingly afflict everyone entering young adulthood. The sorcerers and witches who cast them are our fathers, mothers, caretakers, friends, and others. They enchant us into believing this and that illusion about ourselves. Left unaddressed, these spells may affect the entirety of our lives.

Some parents’ lack of attunement to us may enchant us into believing we are as worthless as a toad. The angry power of some spell casters may be so overwhelm the young adult that she lives in fear like a rabbit. Sometimes abuse is so severe that the child becomes a rattle snake, constantly wary, ready to strike out. These are just several of many spells which we may experience.

The power of such enchantments rests in the belief that in truth we are the toad, rabbit, rattler, etc. when in fact that simply is the conditioning or strategy with which we survived childhood. The tragedy is that we may live the entirety of our lives believing such enchantments, when they are merely illusions which hide our True Nature.

We may begin adulthood feeling worthless as a toad, but working upon ourselves we can discovery the innate value of our True Nature. Working upon ourselves, we can dispell fear with the discovery of innate strength. So too the rattler may find innate peace. Etc.

If we haven’t worked on developing ourselves psychologically, most likely we are still living under a spell of reactivity which was cast during our childhoods and does not reflect our authentic selves. What does it mean to “work on yourself”? It means to enter consciously upon a path of personal growth and self actualization which is founded upon the premise that your human potential and True Nature are more than you have yet to realize. Such work often includes transforming patterns of reactivity, integrating the shadow., and realizing our unique potentials.

What spell(s) might you still be living under? Needing to be perfect? Giving yourself away to be loved? Feeling that you don’t belong? Having a fear of confrontation and assertiveness? Afraid of your feelings? Always needing to keep the peace at the expense of being real? There are so many more spells. Left unchallenged, they will deprive you of a life of authentic expression.

Unlike the fairy tales of old in which victims of spells often relied upon others for the removal of their spells, in this tale called life, it is you whom life calls upon to enter the path of the hero.

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