Are you searching for your life’s purpose?

searching for purpose

When I meet persons who are searching for their purpose in life, while I empathize with and sometimes admire their passion, nevertheless I feel the very search for purpose defeats its being found.

Where would you expect to find your life’s purpose? Under a rock?

Searching hither and yon belies the fact that other than your accepting what someone else says, the purpose and meaning you give to your life are to be created by you.

Golden arches inscribed with monolithic purpose do not support the overhead expanse of sky under which you discover yourself. Life purpose and meaning do not exist independent of you.

Moreover no conception of purpose or meaning ever could limit the spaciousness and dynamism of the Mystery in which we live and move and have our being. Instead, that Mystery is infinite in possibilities, indeterminate, open, and allowing of any conception.

Within the Mystery we abide our senses open like windows to the Infinite, each person provided a unique perspective on existence. For a mere human, seemingly no universal vantage exists, just individual perspectives about Something that exceeds our human capacity to know.

Purpose and meaning can only be individual creations suited to each person’s unique experience of Life. Saying such is not to suggest that the individual purpose you would give to your life is false. Quite the contrary, it is true, it is true – but relatively so.

To paraphrase the Dalai Lama commenting about the Mystery, “However you choose to perceive it is how It will appear to you.” As such, the purpose you create for your life could be thought of as one facet of an infinitely-faceted Diamond. Each facet truly reflects one of an Infinity of possible meanings, and yet the Mystery exceeds the sum of all the facets.

Granted, some persons do find purpose “under a rock” so to speak. Perhaps by choice, perhaps by evasion of personal responsibility for their own lives, they opt to accept the meaning and purpose that others create. Yet whatever the meaning that was found under the rock, still it was left there by another.

Rather than search for your life purpose or look under rocks, perhaps you might take time to look into your own life experience, take time to give meaning to your own experience and to craft your own life purpose. Neither will it be Absolutely true or false, but it will reflect your own unique experience of the Whole.

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