Reality Check #2: Propaganda vs. What Is – No Contest

“Three things that cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”

~ Buddha

For you to safely navigate the course of your life, your decisions need to be skillful and based upon reality.

If you’re thinking about buying a home, changing jobs, or taking an expensive vacation for example, it would be helpful to know whether or not the economy was thriving.

Having incorrect information could cause you financial harm.

However if you turn to mainstream media (MSM) for your information, (90% of which is controlled by 6 corporations – Source: Here), you’re not getting the full story.

Although philosophers may haggle over the definition of truth, one thing is certain: what is, is the truth of the situation, irrespective of opinion.

Statements to the contrary of what is are fictions, misrepresentations, and, if willful, lies which serve the interests of those who lie.

Therefore now and then I find it personally necessary to offer a reality check.

The Narrative Government & MSM Wants You to Believe: Economic Victory Over the Recession

Jan 21,2015: When national news is not stuffing your attention with stories of kittens stuck in trees, you are being told to believe everything is beautiful: Obama Declares Victory on the Economy (Source: Here.)

Or, as President Obama declared in his recent state of the union address, “The shadow of this crisis has passed.” (Source: Here).

But has it? Let’s look at , aka the truth. Note each of the following is documented with a sourcing link.

The Facts: The Economy is Failing

Feb 12, 2015: If consumers had money to spend, then we would not be hearing: Retail Sales Plunge Twice As Much As Expected. Worst Back-To-Back Drop Since Oct 2009 (Source: Here).

Feb 12, 2015: Initial Jobless Claims Jump Back Above 300K (Source: Here).

Feb 11, 2015: This measure of the global economy slips to all-time Low: Baltic Dry Index Collapses Source: Here).

Feb 10, 2015: The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports: Middle Class Spending Expectations Crash (Source: Here).

Feb 10, 2015: Small businesses aren’t optimistic: Small Business Optimism Tumbles, Misses Expectations by Most in 2 Years (Source: Here).

Feb 5, 2015: Only 44% of Adults are Employed 30 or More Hours Per Week (Source: Here).

Feb 5, 2015: Not a sign of good times when: Job Layoffs Surged 63% in January (Source: Here).

Feb 4, 2015: If things were going well, would you?: Record Number of 25-34 Year-Olds Living at Home with Parents (Source: Here).

Feb 3, 2015: U.S. factory orders fall sharply, order books shrinking (Source: Here).

Feb 2, 2015: But, the CEO of Gallup (as in Gallup polls) notes: The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment (Source: Here). Were the unemployment rate to be calculated as it was in 1994, the rate would be about 22% (Source: Here).

Jan 29, 2015: And the Wall Street Journal reports: U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to 20-Year Low (Source: Here).

Jan 29, 2015: Thinking of buying a house? Pending home sales plunge: Signed contracts to buy homes slide 3.7 percent in December, despite lower mortgage rates (Source: Here).

Jan 26, 2015: And the consumer is so flush with cash that thousands of large chain stores are closing across the country: 2015 Store Closing Roundup (Source: Here).

Jan 26, 2015: As for the U.S. manufacturing index: Unambiguously Good”? Dallas Fed Collapses To 20-Month Lows As Orders Plunge (Source: Here).

Jan 23 2015: Better not be planning on buying a house: Existing Home Sales Drop Year-Over-Year For First Time Since 2010 (Source: Here).

Jan 23 2015: For the 5th month in a row: U.S. Manufacturing PMI Falls (Source: Here).

Jan 13, 2015: And 1 out of every 7 Americans needs food stamps: Food Stamp Beneficiaries Exceed 46,000,000 for 38 Straight Months (Source: Here).

Jan 09, 2015: The Federal Reserve reports The Percentage of the Population that is Employed is the Lowest in 30 Years (Source: Here).

To summarize what the government and mainstream media do not want you to know: Feb 12, 2015: 2015 US Economic Data is Worst Since 2009 (Source: Here).

With News Such as This, It Only Makes Sense to…

With such news leaking out from behind the wall of the mainstream media, it’s no wonder that the Federal Election Commission has just held a hearing as to whether it should regulate political speech on blogs, videos, and websites such as this. (Source: Here). Given such, it’s understandable that the U.S. ranks 46th in press freedom, just below Romania and above Haiti (Source: Here).

It seems that in fact, the shadow of this crisis has not passed. Therefore proceed carefully.

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