Self-Initiated Personal Growth and Its Relevance

personal growth, conscious evolution

Self-Initiated Personal Growth as Evolution

Though we walk different paths, you and I share one common purpose for living: self-initiated personal growth. Yes, other worthy purposes will arouse our hearts and minds. Yet personal growth seems to be the obligation imposed upon each person by the one life of which we are part.

Whether you call it self-initiated personal growth, intentional personal evolution, or conscious evolution, psychology recognizes that the evolutionary drive that pervades planetary life also permeates your very own human nature.

That drive expresses in your efforts on behalf of physical and social needs and your progress through the stages of psychological maturation including personal growth, individuation, self actualization, self-realization, and self-transcendence.

Do you effort to be less reactive? Are you articulating your uniqueness? Has your meditation revealed the Mystery within? And has that Mystery dissolved your separation from all that exists? These exemplify ways whereby your self-initiated personal growth contributes to personal evolution.

Not Navel Gazing, but Contributing Also to Social Evolution

Nevertheless critics argue that such efforts are nothing more than self-absorbed navel gazing that subverts energy better spent in social activism. Such critics are ignorant of the relation of personal psychology to social well-being.

Several millennia ago Confucius noted that ‘the men of old’ wanting to rectify the state of the nation first sought to rectify their families. Seeking to rectify their families, they first sought to rectify themselves.

More recently Ghandi stated, “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”

You don’t need eminent persons to state the obvious. If you abuse a child, most likely the child will grow up to become an abuser. If you spew anger in your daily life, you make everyone around you miserable. Moreover the fate of mankind and nations is determined by the values that underlie their decisions, and those values are reflections of their psychology.

Rather than navel gazing, self-initiated personal growth contributes to social coherence. That in turn encourages social and cultural development. On the other hand, witness the havoc wrought by a head of state active in world affairs with unredeemed narcissism.

Becoming Conscious Evolution

When you consciously undertake the purpose of self-initiated personal growth, you enter the stream of conscious evolution thereby bringing benefit to all that participates in the one planetary life that Gaia embodies. Physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth express life’s urge to exceed itself.

And as you begin to “clean up your act”. You stop polluting your relationships, and by extension society, with your unresolved issues. Your innate compassion comes more to the fore. As you further mature through the stages of personal development, you recognize your intrinsic interdependence with and responsibility to all that exists. Service becomes more important than self-satisfaction. You are planetary evolution expressing through you.

Perhaps this is why spiritual traditions such as Agni Yoga remark:

“The true striving toward realization of the supreme possibilities should fill the greater part of human life as the most essential and engrossing occupation.”

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