The Perils of Trying to Perfect Ourselves (Another Leunig Cartoon)

For those of us still working diligently to become enlightened by removing the “blemishes” of being human, another cartoon by Australian cartoonist, Michael Leunig. Enjoy!



My advice? Don’t try too hard. Within our humanity may be where the treasure lies…

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4 comments to The Perils of Trying to Perfect Ourselves (Another Leunig Cartoon)

  • I love this cartoon. Yes, we can indeed try too hard to attain “marshmallowdom”. But that doesn’t mean giving up on ourselves and resigning to our fate. By being aware of our states, thoughts, beliefs and whatever is going on in our head, we become more conscious of why we do and not do what we are doing. With this realization, without even trying, we catch hold of ourselves and stop dead. This form of “improvement” comes naturally and more long-lasting perhaps. 🙂

  • Michael

    Thanks for your thoughtful sharing. I agree. The issue is not whether or not we should seek to “improve”, but HOW we will go about doing so. Such “imperfections” are not removed by combing them out of(repressing them from)our awareness, but rather embracing them and inquiring into them with the embrace of Presence. Moreover any attempt to conform to an IDEA of “perfection” is an effort towards self-image realization, not self-realization.

  • […] From childhood we are trained to fit into society as “good” persons. Yet being socialized is only an initial stage of development. Being “good” by denying, cutting off, repressing parts of ourselves seems simply a matter of psychological tidiness (see also The Perils of Trying to Perfect Ourselves Leunig Cartoon). […]

  • […] The Perils of Trying to Perfect Ourselves (Another Leunig Cartoon) […]

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