It’s Okay for You to Be You

“We are not here to fit in, be well balanced, or provide exempla for others. We are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps merely to add our small piece, our little clunky, chunky selves, to the great mosaic of being. As the gods intended, we are here to become more and more ourselves.”
~ James Hollis,
contemporary Jungian analyst and author,
in What Matters Most

It's okay to be different

You are not simply different from others. Rather you are a unique expression of Being. As the stem brings forth the blossom, so Life brings forth your individuality.

Yet too often you and I shirk the responsibility of being nothing more or less than ourselves. Is it shame of our imperfections that causes us to discount our innate value, to turn away from ourselves, and to look to others for examples of how to be?

Or perhaps it is the social pressure to fit in, to conform, to not make waves, which clips the wings of many of our fellows, causing them to live small, within the cage of others’ judgments and expectations, but not as themselves.

Whether running from ourselves or running to others, by not being ourselves we prune the infinite creativity of Existence which expresses through and as our individuality.

How then might we learn to remedy the discomfort of being in our skins, being as we are, with our differences? Perhaps a start might be to remember almost like a mantra, “It’s okay for you to be you.”

Whether you are beautiful or blemished, squat or statuesque, healthy or infirm, bounding with energy or bent with age, it’s okay for you to be you. At this and every moment, as you are, you are Being expressing itself through and as you.

Maybe you are quirky or ordinary, amiable or mean-spirited, shy or gregarious. So it is. Whether or not others appreciate you as you are, be welcomed to exist as you are.

Neither does virtue bind you closer to Being nor vice banish you therefrom. However you are, you exist. Whether fearful or bold, weak or strong, greedy or generous, loving or hateful, proud or meek, admirable or not, it’s okay for you to take your place in existence as you are, for Being explores itself also through these expressions.

It’s okay to believe as you do or do not, to create meaning as you do, to think as you do, to value as you do. At one time or another others will disagree with you. What matters more? Their agreement with you or your agreement with yourself?

To believe other than the above begs the question, which aspects of our humanity and life situation are not an expression of the mystery of Being manifesting through us, whether or not understood or welcomed by us?

To write the above is easy, to live it is difficult for me, for it takes a remarkable integrity which I do not have to take my stand in existence with the courage to simply be as I am, neither more, nor less.

Yet I am emboldened by Luminaries, such as the Persian poet Hafiz whose enlightened peering into the depths of Being lead him to sing of you, I, and every person: “Do you know how beautiful you are? I think not, my dear, yet Hafiz could set you upon a Stage, and worship you forever!”

With such a vision blessing you and I, how could it not be okay for us to be ourselves?

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