Killing Your Spiritual Teachers

“What of your training, Hercules, my son? …”

” One thing, O Teacher, I must tell to you and thus deceive you not. The fact is not so long ago I slew all those who taught me in the past. I killed my teachers, and in my search for liberty, I now stand free. I seek to know myself, within myself and through myself.”

“My son, that was a deed of wisdom, and now you can stand free. Proceed to labour now …”

~ The characters of Hercules and his Teacher,
in The Labours of Hercules
by Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949),
American esotericist


If we listen to our lives more deeply than the materialism which threatens to deafen our souls, perhaps we can hear life beckoning us to come to terms with very important questions.

What is the meaning of our existence? Is there more to life than what meets our senses? Is there life after death? Is there God? And if so, just what is that?

I’m curious about how we answer such questions. Specifically, I’d ask what are your answers to such questions. Do you think there is a spiritual dimension to existence? Are you an atheist? More importantly, how do you know this to be true?

Perhaps you think you know, because you point to the authority of a spiritual teacher, philosopher, or scientist. The Buddha proclaims, ‘You have an innate spiritual nature’. Nietzche shouts, ‘No! God is dead.’ Darwin says, ‘Evolution, not creationism’. Each entered the Mystery and returned with a different testimony. Which is true?

Maybe you place your belief in a spiritual luminary like Christ, Krishna, or the Buddha each of whom left testimony of his own encounter with the Mystery. In answer to the important questions, you too easily reply, “Christ said…,” “Krishna teaches…, ” or “Buddha affirmed….”. However what they spoke may not be so. Perhaps they were deluded. Maybe truth has changed

These and other spiritual teachers have left testimony of their own inquiry into the Mystery which is existence. True teachers do not teach to gather believers who simply parrot their teaching. True teachers seek to initiate you into your own personal experience of the Mystery.

Moreover, authentic spirituality requires that you establish your own spiritual authority over your own life, an authority derived from your own personal experience, not the experience of others. Authenticity asks that you personally enter this Mystery which engulfs us, and forge your own personal spirituality based upon your own direct experience of the Mystery.

Parroting others will not do. The questions are too important. Your life is too important. Therefore, at some point, if you are a believer, personal authenticity requires that you kill the authority of your mentors and teachers so that you may personally know the Mystery, in you and through you.

Turning your back on all that you know, forsaking all teachers, naked and alone, you enter the darkness of the unknown. But have you not noticed above you all the Self-lit fires shining brightly in the dark?

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