Feeding Your Four Mouths

We humans walk around deaf, dumb, and blind to a secret of human anatomy. You might think that the great minds of modern science would have discovered it, but no! So, I’ll bust the secret open.

Contrary to popular opinion, you have four mouths, not one! Four!

Of course we all know the mouth that perches beneath the nose. Yet there’s also the mouth of your feelings – your heart. Your intellect also has a mouth. So too, your true nature or spiritual aspect.

Unfortunately, confusion reigns about how to nourish our humanity, resulting not only in simultaneous obesity and starvation, but also diseases in body and soul.

Others more knowledgeable than I can speak to you about nourishing your physical body. Regarding nourishing your feelings and heart, a daily diet rich in vitamins L(love), F(friendship), S1(self-soothing), S2(support), and others you might imagine have been found important for warding off unhappiness and depression. Research shows that another and another after-dinner snack are of no nutritional value for the heart.

Your intellect also has its own dietary requirements. Your skillful attention to feeding this mouth includes feeding yourSelf Vitamins N1(new experiences), N2(new ideas), A(the Arts), and even P(puzzles and games like Sudoku, chess). Failure to maintain a diet adequate in these nutrients may result in boredom, dullness, even mental decline. Contrary to public opinion, cookies and ice cream are not nutritional substitutes here.

Finally, your spiritual nature has the most intriguing dietary requirements. Often we overlook Vitamin H(honoring our humanity). Disparaging our humanity has been found to be toxic. Vitamins I (interest in the Mystery which surrounds you) and C (courage to develop your own personal spirituality) are essential as is Vitamin T(trust in true nature’s implicit beneficence). No, pretzels and chips are devoid of such nutrition. These and other similar vitamins will protect against nihilism and existential dread.

It seems that weekly television news reports about the epidemic of obesity which plagues our fellow citizens. I suspect in part it results from misunderstanding our nutritional requirements. We mistakenly feed our bodies, when it’s our hearts, minds, and souls which cry out with hunger.

How well are you feeding your own, precious humanity?

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