Personal Autonomy

autonomyWhen persons consider personal autonomy, they often think of it in terms of independence from the control of others, or personal authority over one’s decisions and life course, or being self-governing free from the meddling of others. However for as long as they conceive of autonomy as being in opposition to another, the extraordinary freedom of autonomy will elude them.

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Spiritual Autonomy

 What is the foremost duty of a spiritual path? It is not that we develop as spiritual seekers, but that we develop as spiritual finders. It is not that we develop as believers, but that we develop as knowers. It is not that we share campfires of common belief, but that we each be guided to enter the wilderness of the Mystery, and therein light the fire of our own experience of True Nature.

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Killing Your Spiritual Teachers

 If we listen to our lives more deeply than the materialism which threatens to deafen our souls, perhaps we can hear life beckoning us to come to terms with very important questions. If you answer parroting the teaching of others, authenticity requires that you kill the authority of your mentors and teachers so that you may know the Mystery personally, in you and through you.

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Your Expectation is Not My Problem

An expectation of another person is a belief that another person should act, think, or feel in a certain way. When insisted upon, expectations of others become demands upon another person’s individuality which violate the personal boundaries of the other person.

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The Virtue of Self-ishness

Was it 1984 when I walked up to a teller of the Santa Monica branch of First Interstate Bank to deposit my paycheck? I must have laid on the teller counter, title up, the copy of “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand which I was reading, because as I filled out my deposit slip, the teller remarked with palpable moral indignation, “Don’t tell me you want to be selfish!?”

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