The Authenticity of J. Krishnamurti

I am always happy to recall and to share true stories of remarkable authenticity. Today one thought lead to another, and so I recalled, and again was touched again by the example of J. Krishnamurti’s authenticity in the service of his truth.

In 1908, Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbetter, leaders of the Theosophical movement, left England to travel to India in search of the reincarnated Christ.

In that era, the Theosophical Society was a major philosophical movement which taught the brotherhood of man and the unity of the world’s religions. The Society influenced numerous leaders of many fields. The Society also taught that the Christ or Maitreya (next Buddha) was soon to reappear. Towards the end of the trip, Besant and Leadbetter spied 13-year-old Krishnamurti and his brother beside the Ganges. Viewing Krishnamurti’s aura clairvoyantly, they thought Krishnamurti to be the World Teacher for whom they searched.

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