The Personal Authenticity Project is a blog and a book in progress. The Project seeks to clarify and promote the practice of personal authenticity. What is personal authenticity? How do we practice living authentically in our daily lives? What are the dimensions of authentic experience? Clarifying the psychological, spiritual, and social issues about how to be one’s Self can enhance personal fulfillment and contribute to societal renewal.

My name is Michael Nagel. I am the author of this blog, a counselor in private practice in Portland, Oregon (see
Portland therapist site), and an international authenticity coach. My writings have been published in magazines, journals, and books.  Exploring personal authenticity, its relevance, practice, and possibilities for profound spiritual deepening have been passionate interests of mine for decades.

The blog’s entries are a book in progress. Your comments to the posts are welcomed and appreciated, for they will help to articulate and contribute to book’s relevance.

If you are interested in personal authenticity, and you would like to participate in helping to clarify its practice and its importance for our individual and cultural life, feel welcomed to join in the conversation by subscribing (see buttons on right).

I also offer private authenticity coaching sessions by telephone, Skype, and FaceTime. Were you interested in exploring that, see the “Authenticity Coaching” tab at the top of the page.

Finally, the Authenticity Project’s icon is the third of the Ten Oxherding Pictures, “Catching Sight of the Ox”, by Yokoo Tatsuhiko (Kuroya 1801-10, Chichibu-shi, 368-0001 Japan). After searching and sufficient work on oneself, the ego (the common experience of oneself) catches sight of the real or essential self.

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