Restoring Balance to Your Life

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The busyness required to maintain our material existence comes at a great cost. So busy are we that we have no time to cultivate an inner life. How can we meet the needs of material existence and a spiritual life? One way is to create a structure in daily life that supports being.

Let’s consider the daily life of one of my clients whom I will call “Mary” who is a wife, mother of twins, author, and housekeeper.

When Mary awakens early in the morning, she fixes breakfast and lunch for her girls. She then drives them to school. On her return home, she runs errands. Then she begins her writing which later is interrupted by picking up the girls after school and driving one to gymnastic class and the other to ballet school. Back at home again, Mary again writes, until she needs to pick up the girls after their classes. Returning home, Mary then does housekeeping, fixes dinner, and tends to her relationship with her husband. Then finally and fortunately, she sleeps.

What’s missing? Time to tend to her inner life, as if Mary and her soul mattered. A life of unrelenting busyness such as this denies the purpose of existence.

Whether it is a life like Mary’s or the busyness of a life that includes a 60 hour work week and all the practical obligations of a personal life, such busyness and stress are commonplace. We are captives of our to-do list.

The significance that concerns me is if Mary cannot find time to tend to her character, her psychology, and cultivate her relationship with her soul, then this is true of a vast number of humanity.

Furthermore, a civilization that engenders such life out of balance is a civilization that betrays one of its basic purposes: to provide the conditions of existence that promote the cultivation of character and one’s relationship to one’s soul. Such a civilization fosters the materialistic illusion that the path to human fulfillment can be found solely through engagement in the outer world.

The remedy of course is to create a life that balances doing and being, to create a structure of life that supports being .

If God rested on the 7th day as Genesis reports, then by God we can grant ourselves time to rest. Isn’t this is the significance of sabbath? Time made holy by the intention to set aside this dimenesion’s inevitable daily life obligations – time made holy by its remembrance of and turning to what is Essential.

Creating a structure or daily routine that supports sometimes necessary ease, inner work, and resting in being restores balance. Yes, it is easy to say, yet hard to do. It is made possible by an act of will by which you affirm you are more than a human robot whose only purpose is to tend to your to do list.

Such balance is a necessity for our own well-being, and by embodying balance we help redeem our civilization’s out of balance condition.


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