How to be Yourself: 300 Inspirational Quotes, A Guide to Living an Authentic Life

How to Be Yourself

There’s a reason why I haven’t been posting for awhile: I’m delighted to share with you news that my book, How to be Yourself: 300 Inspirational Quotes, A Guide to Living an Authentic Life has been released on Amazon in both print and ebook formats.

How to Be Yourself shares more than 300 quotes and excerpts which are organized into 12 chapters that address the issues and skills needed to create a life true to yourself.

The quotes are from psychological and spiritual paths for development as well as from literature, poetry, film, song, cartoon, and philosophy. They are excerpted from more than 200 sources by 190 authors.

All together the quotations and excerpts represent a guidebook for personal transformation. The quotes combine the existential and spiritual views to provide a more complete perspective of our human experience. I introduce each chapter with a brief commentary on the subject.

Chapter subjects include: The Call to an Authentic Life, Entering the Wilderness, Uniqueness and Individuality, Personal Autonomy, The Question of Morality, Psychological Wholeness, The Question of Beliefs, Psychological Agency (Personal Freedom, Choice, Will , Action, Responsibility, Nonaction), Living in Process, Approaches to Transformation, The Veil of Thought, and The Self.

The 152-page print version costs $7.95 and the Kindle or ebook version costs $.99. If you’re interested in taking a look inside, just click on the picture, and you’ll be routed to Amazon where you can “Look Inside”. And if you purchase the book and you feel others would enjoy it, please help me by taking a moment to leave a review on Amazon.

Thanks in sharing my pleasure of having completed this many-year intention of providing to others these quotes which have helped myself and my clients to live more authentically. There’s still more posts and publications from me to come, for advocating on behalf of personal authenticity seems ever more important with each passing day.



Personal Autonomy

autonomyWhen persons consider personal autonomy, they often think of it in terms of independence from the control of others, or personal authority over one’s decisions and life course, or being self-governing free from the meddling of others. However for as long as they conceive of autonomy as being in opposition to another, the extraordinary freedom of autonomy will elude them.

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Standing in Your Truth

stand in your truthAmid the many pressures to not be who you are, how do you make your own way staying true to yourself? One self-guiding principles is to stand in your truth.

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Reality Check #2: Propaganda vs. What Is – No Contest

For you to safely navigate the course of your life, your decisions need to be skillful and based upon reality. You’ll not find the information you need in government statistics and mainstream media. Here’s a reality check on the real state of the economy.

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Remembering the Mystery in which We Live

The immensity of this Mystery in which we live and move and have our being is truly wondrous. Yet too often, we grow numb, become jaded to the Mystery.

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