Why Work on Oneself?

“Striving toward realization of the supreme possibilities should fill the greater part of human life as the most essential and engrossing occupation.”

~ Helena Roerich, (1879-1955)
Russian mystic, writer

work on yourself

The potential that hides within the acorn is destined inescapably to become an oak tree. A kitten delivered fresh from the womb can become nothing more than a cat. But you, a human, have free will to flourish or not.

What will you choose? What have you chosen thus far in your life? How have you tended the treasure of your unique human potential?

If you believe that that you are doomed to suffer forever the problems from childhood which hobble your life and expression, you are mistaken. With sufficient work on yourself, you can discover that no longer are you the issue in your own life.

If you believe that personal development ends when you reach adulthood, you are mistaken. Contemporary psychological research reveals a further spectrum of possible psychological growth and fulfillment, if you were to apply yourself.

If you believe the summit of human achievement is wealth and leisure, then you have been blinded by the dust of a society which frantically scrambles to gather worthless pebbles beneath a sky of inexhaustible mystery and wonder.

My experience is that the most important investment you could ever make is neither a stock portfolio, nor a home, but yourself. I value working to realize your unique human potential as if such work were your human duty, a duty that ensues from being endowed as a human (expression of) being.

Just think… if you can get your head screwed on straight, life becomes so less unnecessarily complicated. Moreover when you explore the depths of your human potential, previously unimaginable vistas of freedom and fulfillment can open before you.

You and I are so very fortunate to live in a time where there are innumerable self-help books, seminars, workshops, retreats, teachers, and therapies to support our development. With such a wealth of opportunity, to want nothing more than the metaphorical sleep of an undeveloped life seems almost a dereliction of that human duty.

Yes, many persons choose sleep, but how about you? Unlike the acorn, your potential will sleep, unspent, unless you effort to bring it forth. If you do not will it forth, there may result the reek of an ‘unlived’ life.

Finally, to work on you self benefits not only you, but also others. So many of our interpersonal, social and economic problems reflect a lack of maturation. Our problems are dictated by our actions; our actions are governed by our values; our values are expressive of our development.

May you and I make time in our lives and thought to bring forth the best within us!


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